Exclusive insights INTO HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR SUCCESS in 12 simple 3hr sessions ...

What is The Dreaming Room™

It’s a place where real entrepreneurship begins
You come as ‘you’, without your titles and without preconceived notions.
Discover who you really are, and what you really want, and how you can have it.
It’s where you agree to leave everything behind and start over - with a blank piece of paper and a beginner’s mind
Transition to being a successful Entrepreneur - a creator, an innovator... a visionary and a leader.
Dreaming Room Workbooks

"THE DREAMING ROOM" is the brainchild of
Mr. Michael E. Gerber, founder of the E-Myth and a man of unmistakeable brilliance!


Michael Gerber is recognised as the world’s foremost expert on small business innovation, and a leading authority on entrepreneurship.  He is the best selling author of a suite of enormously influential business books including his all-time global phenomenon mega-best-selling book “The E-Myth Revisited“, and “Awakening the Entrepreneur Within“.

The Dreaming Room” is an entrepreneurial incubator where, over 12 weeks, you awaken the entrepreneur within you; either creating a new venture from the seed of an idea, or reinvigorating your current business and move ahead in a new way.

The Dreaming Room” will encourage and support you to create something that is of extraordinary value to yourself and others.  So you can design, build, launch and grow a sustainable business producing extraordinary results.

The Dreaming Room” is where you go before you write a business plan or, if you have one, before you change it!


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What happens Inside...

... Yes! the "Dreaming Room" comes to you ...

First - the 'Nuts' and 'Bolts'...

Each "Dreaming Group" works in a real-time, live and fully interactive environment.

Participation in the "Dreaming Room" is limited to small groups of like-minded people joining together using our preferred live and dynamically intimate video-conferencing system - so you get lots of continual attention throughout each Dreaming Group session.

And you can't escape, and you can't hide! And what's more, you don't even have to travel! The "Dreaming Room" comes to you where-ever you are in the world with an internet connection.

It's a real-time intimate environment, with people just like you; where you, and each other member of your "Dreaming Group" are creating and building your own specific new venture.

It's a place where you're taking your ideas, which only existed in your mind, and you're bringing them out into the light of day.

It's a place where, as the...
... DREAMER you will develop your Dream;
... THINKER you will gain clarity and define your Vision;
... STORYTELLER you will create your Purpose; and
... LEADER you will lead your Mission.

DISCOVER what goes on in inside each session. Check out tabs 1-12 and sneak a peek...

Session 1

1 - Getting Acquainted

In Session 1 you will be introduced to The Dreaming Room™ – the process of creating a new venture by “awakening the entrepreneur within you”.

Participants are given an overview of the Beliefs that define an Entrepreneur. You will be introduced to the Five Realities of the Entrepreneur to give you a sense of what you might expect.

The weekly schedule is reviewed and you will have a practical experience of The Dreaming Room™ process, including Focus Activities, Readings and Assignments.

You will gain clarity about the seven results that participation in The Dreaming Room™ will produce. Before you begin the process you will engage in a discussion about the Procedures, Covenants, Values and Recognitions of The Dreaming Room™.

You will have an opportunity, individually and as a group, to acknowledge and accept these agreements are your commitment to yourself, each other, and the process.

You will be introduced to the Four Dimensions of the Entrepreneurial Personality: the Dreamer, the Thinker, the Storyteller, and the Leader.

You will engage in a Focus Activity to see which dimensions of the entrepreneurial personality are already well developed in you, as a result of your past experiences, and which dimensions will require you to stretch throughout the program.

Session 2

2 - Awakening Your Dreamer

In Session 2 you will gain an understanding that “awakening” often occurs suddenly, without intention, and always overturns previously held assumptions.

In order for this to happen, you must first understand that listening is not easy. It requires concentration and energy. You will have the opportunity to identify your current listening style and explore some alternatives to it that will enable you to listen with an open heart, mind and will.

You will have an intimate glimpse into the “awakening” process that led Michael E. Gerber to the creation of The E-Myth and the Dreaming Processes, and see that you too have the ability to create in this fashion.

You will experience a deep state of attention and awareness through a self-reflective process of “Who Are You?” and share the experience of gaining new insights about you with others.

What you learn through this experience will shape what you create moving forward.

By listening to the story of one man’s journey, you will gain an even deeper insight into the “awakening” experience brought about by transforming an ordinary business into an extraordinary new venture.

This will enable you to select the ordinary business that you will transform into an extraordinary new venture through the remainder of the program.

Session 3

3 - Identifying a Dream

In Session 3 you will begin the process of awakening the entrepreneur within through reflective self-knowledge. You will reflect on the times in your life you have been called to pursue an opportunity, only to have your ideas shot down by all the cautionary voices in your life.

This is a challenge that every entrepreneur faces – and it can kill your spirit.

You will familiarize yourself with the questioning voice that can kill a Dream, understand how it affects every decision and action that you take (or don’t take), and acquire a tool to liberate yourself from it.

You will discover that there are many kinds of dreams, from the sublime to the absurd, from the realistic to the fantastic.

You will experience the feeling of endlessly pursuing personal dreams.

Next you will gain clarity about the difference between the Personal Dream and the Impersonal Dream, and gain clarity of what constitutes an Impersonal Dream.

You will engage in activities and have an opportunity to practice with impersonal dreaming. This is an essential activity and is the essence of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

At this point you will begin to identify how your life experiences to this point, both positive and negative experiences, have primed you to see what extraordinary thing your ordinary business can do for its customers.

Session 4

4 - Giving Birth to Your Dream

In Session 4 you will give birth to the Dream that will allow your ordinary business to be done extraordinarily.

You will reflect on the time you have spent in The Dreaming Room™ to this point and realize that your new way of listening is enabling you to learn how to satisfy the essential needs, unconscious expectations, and perceived preferences of the business’ four most important groups of people – its Primary Influencers:
- Customers
- Employees
- Suppliers
- Lenders

An awakened entrepreneur recognizes that a business only exists because these people want it to. To succeed, you must come to grip with the fact that all of these people need the same thing – more than they can expect from any one of your competitors.

You will be introduced to the 10 Principles that are essential to the conception and building of your extraordinary business, and discover that, by connecting your idea to these 10 Principles, your grand dream that once seemed too expansive, too big, too complicated, is no longer beyond your reach.

It is possible!

This is the beginning of the great result you have come to The Dreaming Room™ to pursue.

At this point in the program you will put your mind and heart to the wheel of your imagination.

The work you have done to this point has prepared you to conceive of the Idea, which until now, has been beyond you.

The people you are here to serve have been waiting, without realizing it, for what you are going to give them, provide them, and create for them.

Session 5

5 - Forming Your Vision

In Session 5 you have an opportunity to breakthrough to a whole new level.

This will require a reality check on your commitment to The Dreaming Room™ process, and your readiness to move from Dream to Vision.

You will confront, once and for all, that the primary barriers to realizing your Dream reside inside you, rather than coming at you as pressures from the outside world, as you originally believed.

This realization is intensified as a result of the experiences you have had during the first four weeks of the Dreaming Room process.

You cannot transcend your limiting beliefs, habitual ways of being, and behaviours until you can objectively observe patterns and cycles that you have not previously seen, and truly acknowledge the impact these deeply routed patterns and unconscious thoughts have had on your life, performance, motivation, and attitude.

This acknowledgment is key to transformation.

The Dreamer lives at the centre of your heart.

When you reach this place within yourself, you will find that the Dreamer is so inspired that it is not a question of “if” you are going to do this, but simply “when and how”.

It's through the Dreamer that your extraordinary Purpose is revealed, the one you were brought on this Earth to fulfil.

The positive and negative experiences you’ve had in your life add depth, commitment, and a creative dimension to your ability to connect people to your vision and create extraordinary experiences for others.

The Dreamer produces the “what” that your business is in service of.

You are in the midst of a journey.

A Dream is critical to your journey; a Vision is essential for the Dream to become a reality.

To successfully complete this entrepreneurial odyssey, you need to be passionately invested in creating something remarkable.

You will take stock of your commitment.

If you clear the hurdle of this reality check you are an Awakened Entrepreneur and you are ready to continue the Journey.

Session 6

6 - Preferences (Part 1)

In Session 6 it is time for your Thinker to come on stage.

The Thinker asks the questions that are essential to formulating the business model and identifying the form your Dream will take visually, emotionally, functionally, and financially, as well as the impact the Dream will have on its customers, its investors, its employees, its suppliers, and its strategic partners.

The Thinker is not a devil’s advocate. Rather, the Thinker’s role is to help fulfil the Dream in ways the Dreamer might not have anticipated – making it more compelling and viable.

If you stop and think about the entrepreneurs and companies you are familiar with, you will discover they are largely of two camps.

There are companies that have grown very large and are financially successful, and there are those that may have a great product or service yet they continue to struggle for survival – assuming they made it through the first three years at all.

Now look beyond the products and services to the people in these organizations. Are they personally satisfied?

Do they find the work rewarding?

Do they bring their best self to work, or do they save the best of themselves for the weekend?

The mechanics of business are important, but the human dynamic is the most powerful force and determinant of success or failure. It is at this juncture of the program that the true genius of Michael E. Gerber’s Dreaming Room™ process kicks in.

You will be guided through a practical experience of “rapid prototyping” your new venture’s Visual and Emotional Preferences.

Session 7

7 - Preferences (Part 2)

In Session 7 the Thinker is continuing the work to produce your “how”.

You have already learned that a company is only as alive as its people.

You now have a deeper understanding that most companies fail because there is something missing – some key and critical component left out.

With this new found awareness of what that something is, you are ready to begin identifying the real world obstacles that you will encounter along your journey.

For a company to act great, requires it to think in a significantly different way about what it does and how it does it, more than most companies are prepared to do.

In this session you will learn how to turn each real world obstacle into an “extraordinary result” the new venture will produce.

You will continue the practical experience by identifying your new venture’s Functional and Financial Preferences.

A process-oriented company knows that the discovery of a better way of doing something is significantly more empowering than finding a better person to do it.

In a Free Market System, money is the measure, yet money is a complex subject.

Everyone has a different perception of money.

The potency and vitality of a business can only be actualized to the degree that it fills the possibilities to be discovered within each of the four categories of Preferences as they are experienced by each of your four Primary Influencers.

You will discover that innovation is the result of the Thinker manifesting the Dreamer’s vision in way that has become the hallmark of Michael E. Gerber’s globally expansive body of knowledge.

Session 8

8 - Beginning the Plan

In Session 8 you reflect on the growth that you have experienced and begin the process of creating a Business Model.

Michael Gerber is known around the world for his clear and practical perspective on Systems and the profound impact systems thinking has on an organization.

This session is designed to provide an experiential introduction to the concept of Systems as a precursor to identifying the elements of your Business Model.

There is a lot of theory surrounding the concept of business models, but at the end of the day, customers come for results.

Customers come only for results.

The Dreaming Room™ process cuts through all of that theory by walking you through the process step-by-step.

You will be delighted to discover that the Thinker completed the heavy lifting for this exercise in the previous two weeks.

It's now time to begin integrating the ideas and content you have produced in previous sessions into a ‘White Paper.’

There are misconceptions in the marketplace about organizational development as it pertains to the creation of an Organization Chart.

You will discover the biggest error that most companies make and be guided through an exercise that can have a more profound impact on your company than any other single business development step.

The pitfall for people who become self-employed is that the systems of the business are designed around the Founder.

When the owner stops working, the business stops.

He or she has built a job, not a business!

You will begin the process of summarizing the result to be achieved by each position in your company, now and in the future.

To do this you will have a practical experience of defining the work the occupant of each position will be accountable for, and begin to create the list of standards by which the results will be evaluated.

Identifying the elements of your Organizational Strategy and learning how you will begin to document your Vision in a White Paper. This White Paper will contain your new venture’s Business Model, Organization Chart, and the Systems essential to actualizing your Dream.

This is critical to achieving economic freedom and thereby ensuring the business works for you, and not the other way around.

Session 9

9 - Telling Your Purpose

In Session 9 you will be introduced to the concept of, and write, the Purpose for the new venture.

This is how you will begin to test the validity of your business – by telling the new venture’s story.

The Storyteller is the one who evokes excitement in other people for the Dream.

Without a compelling story, and the Storyteller to convey it, your extraordinary Dream would not become a reality in the world of ordinary people.

The Storyteller produces your authentic voice.

There is a particular structure and art to telling the story of an ordinary business done extraordinarily.

In this session you will learn the three-part format that has enabled Michael Gerber’s stories to be told in 145 countries and be translated into 30 languages.

Session 10

10 - Revealing Your Mission

In Session 10 you will reflect on the self-knowing and changed attitudes that you have gained over the previous weeks.

You and your fellow participants will ruminate on the opportunities that have emerged, the relationships you’ve built in class and in the real world, and marvel at the unexpected results that have been produced.

The Leader is the one who assumes responsibility for moving your Dream forward, for knowing where it is going, how and when it is going to get there, and what it will look like when it arrives.

To help you fully understand the critical role of the Leader, you will be introduced to the Ten Core Beliefs and the Ten Operating Standards by which the Leader is guided.

Since the Leader produces your reality, it is time for another reality check on your readiness to lead.

The Leader uses five essential skills – Concentration, Discrimination, Organization,
Innovation, and Communication – to execute the task of fulfilling your Dream.

Session 11

11 - Putting It All Together

In Session 11 you and the other participants will present and receive peer feedback on your new venture White Papers.

As you listen to the presentation of each group member’s ordinary business done extraordinarily, you will be putting into practice all that you have learned and drawing upon all that you have created.

Learning is a relational experience.

By listening and contributing to one another you will remain focused on emerging possibilities, to connect to something larger than yourself.

You will have connected with a deeper and transformative source of knowing.

Session 12

12 - Wrapping It Up

In Session 12 you will continue the process of presenting and receiving peer feedback on your new ventures White Paper.

This marks the final stage in The Dreaming Room™ process, and an opportunity to provide closure for each of the participants.

You have arrived at the end, and at the beginning. It is the end of your Dreaming Room™ series, but the beginning of your work.

There is no other option available for you to pursue.

Your life is now on the line… because you have awakened the entrepreneur within you!

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Mr. Michael E. Gerber
Founder of The E-Myth

"The Dreaming Room is the place where people like you and me awaken the entrepreneur within, to commit ourselves to something that has meaning, something that moves us, that inspires us, that awakens our passion, that calls out to us in a way very few people have ever experienced."

Over the past 40 years, Mr Gerber’s extraordinary work has achieved stunning results...

IN 29 Languages and 145 countries
TRANSFORMING MORE THAN 100,000 Businesses worldwide

Inside the Dreaming Room

Participation is limited to SMALL GROUPS OF LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE in a real-time environment, so you get lots of PERSONAL attention

The four personalities - Dreamer, Thinker, Storyteller, and Leader - comprise the totality of what it means to be an entrepreneur. The evolution of your enterprise, therefore, must begin by waking each of them up - your Dreamer, your Thinker, your Storyteller, and your Leader. And that’s exactly what the Dreaming Room does - come Dream with us... Awaken the entrepreneur within.

The Dreamer has a DREAM
Your Dream is the Great Result you intend to create.
The Thinker has a VISION
Your Vision is the form your company is going to take.
The Storyteller has a PURPOSE
Your Purpose is the outcome you intend to create for your customer.
The Leader has a MISSION
Your Mission is the method through which you’re going to realize your Dream, Vision and Purpose.

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It’s fun.
It’s serious, very serious.
It’s enlightening.
It’s easy, but can be hard.
It’s just plain work.
It’s challenging.
It’s exciting at times.
It’s hurtful at times.
It’s loving at times.
Mostly it’s an awesome, exhilarating and liberating experience that changes your life. When you’re finished, you’ll be positioned for sustainable success.

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What are the Qualifications to Attend?
  • A deep desire to create.
  • A willingness to learn whatever it takes.
  • A determination to see it through.
  • Willing to start with a blank piece of paper and a beginner’s mind.

They’re simple, but require commitment.

The Dreaming Room can be for you…
whether you’ve got the making of an entrepreneurial idea;
or you’re already in business, and want to move ahead in a new way – or if you’re just ‘stuck‘ in your job, in your business, or in your life.

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Are you having the same conversation with yourself that you’re always having… about why you can’t do this, or why you can’t do that?

About the amount of money you think you need in order to attract new people, get new clients, create new opportunities, or achieve new results?

Are you swamped with work, but less productive than you need to be?

Are you Busy!  Busy!  Busy!  Doing it!  Doing it!  Doing it!   But not really getting it done?

Are you ready for some magic in your life, your business, or your job – but not sure it’s possible?

Then, the Dreaming Room is for you!


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